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How to make a iced chai tea latte

by Zonic Zhou on Jul 27, 2023

How to make a iced chai tea latte

Tea drinker's delight, the easiest way to make a healthy iced chai tea latte at home. Share it with your family and friends!


What is the chai tea latter?

This tea was invented in the West because the black tea is made with Indian spice tea bags, so the Indian language Chai was added. Chai in India means Tea, which translates to tea tea later. It's a concentrated tea drink that's delicious when you add ice.


How to make a iced chai tea latte?

Homemade chai tea latter, you will need the following ingredients.

-Indian spiced black tea (you can use bagged or loose tea)

-Sweetener (such as maple syrup, molasses, or honey)

-Dairy or non-dairy products (soy or oat milk can be substituted)

-Add to the glass in turn, finishing with ice


Easy chai tea latte recipe

- Prepare 6 chai tea bags or 60g of Indian five spice tea leaves

- Put the tea leaves or tea bags into the filter basket of the Wirsh ice tea maker and add 3 cups of water.

- Adjust the tea maker to "Max".

- Wait for a few minutes to get some concentrated black tea.

- Add ½ cup maple syrup and plain milk.

- If you like it cold, add ice and share with others!


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