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Why you need an espresso machine

Why you need an espresso machine

Espresso yourself

The taste, excellence, coffee specialty, and caffeine boost one gets from a perfectly pulled shot of espresso are difficult to capture without that most indispensable thing; an espresso machine.

Though some brewers manage to get close the espresso maker can't be matched or fabricated by other means to prepare specialty coffee. That is why today we will be looking at all the reasons why you need an espresso machine. Keep reading to learn more!

What is an espresso machine?

Developed in Italy during the turn of the century, espresso makers were and are one of the fastest and most efficient ways to extract as much caffeine punch from your coffee grounds as possible. The way the espresso maker works is by forcing a short powerful blast of hot water through a tightly packed puck of very finely ground coffee beans. The result is an exceptionally powerful shot of coffee that is rich in flavor, taste, texture, and most importantly, caffeine! The espresso maker is the surest way to make specialty coffee.

Of course to achieve this level of coffee prestige you need a special machine. Most espresso makers are also outfitted with milk frothers so you can also prepare some exceptional espresso-based beverages like cappuccino for example.

How do espresso makers compare to other brewing methods?

Some of the criticisms of espresso makers include the idea that all espresso makers are incredibly large and that they are incredibly expensive. But there is more to it than that!

Some espresso machines indeed need tons of counter space, but those would be espresso makers intended for use at a cafe. Think of the big huge espresso makers you see at Starbucks or other big chain coffee shops. Those machines will of course be very expensive as a result.

However, for espresso lovers who want to pull some crema-crowned espresso at home, you can certainly secure some smaller, cheaper espresso makers that do not take up much more space than a standard house coffee brewer.

As for cost, some of these smaller machines may be a bit more expensive than others but the quality of coffee you will be able to achieve is more than worth the cost. Once you taste that first amazing and perfectly pulled shot of espresso for the first time you will be more than happy with your purchase! Not only that but espresso makers can open you up to prepare the whole huge catalog of espresso-based drinks. With that alone, the sky’s the limit!

Espresso for you!

The freedom and ease of coffee enjoyment you can experience with an espresso maker are nearly limitless. Developed as a way to enjoy a strong, quick, and delectable coffee experience as quickly and efficiently as possible, espresso makers are here to improve your mornings, afternoons, and late-night work sessions. If you are in the market for a sophisticated machine that can prepare cup after cup of specialty coffee, then an espresso maker is for you. Happy brewing and be sure to espress yourself

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