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How to make a perfect latte

by Andrew Carpenter on Aug 08, 2022

How to make a perfect latte

More than just a little milk in your coffee

There are few things out there as delectable, satisfying, and innervating as a perfectly brewed latte. But some coffee lovers may find this task a bit daunting. Why? Well, maybe they have given it a try and their coffee come out too milky or too bland or too this or too that. Well, today you can put your fears to rest because we will take a look at how to brew the most perfect latte. Keep reading to learn how!

What is a latte?

To begin, what is a latte? The world of coffee can be a daunting place when it comes to the many nuances in names, styles, and the fairly subtle differences that can mean the difference between one drink and another one completely.

That being said let's see what exactly a latte is. Latte, or caffe latte as it is originally known in Italian. The drink, as one can guess, originated in Italy and it is a beverage made from espresso and steamed milk. It has opened the door for tons of variations like the matcha latte, mocha latte, and many others. The caffe latte is similar to that other beloved Italian milk and espresso drink, the cappuccino.

But the major difference between the two is that cappuccino has an additional thick layer of creamy foam. The flat white is also similar to a caffe latte but is generally smaller in volume overall and with more coffee than foam. But now, let’s see how you brew a caffe latte and what you need to know in order to perfect your perfect latte.

What you will need:

• Espresso machine (if you don’t have an espresso machine we will mention how to swap out espresso with the next best thing!)

• Milk (we will describe using cow’s milk but feel free to swap it out for soy, almond, etc.)

• Pitcher/bowl/ saucepan

• Mug or heat-resistant cup

• Milk frother or egg beater (manual or automatic)

Special note about espresso

Espresso is difficult to attain unless you have an espresso machine at home. You could head to the cafe, order just a shot or double shot or so of espresso, go back home, steam and froth your milk, and then add in your espresso from the cafe.

But of course, this process is a bit too contrived for most people's tastes. So, here are some options for emulating espresso as close as possible without sacrificing any of that espresso-like goodness. Here are some to choose from;

• AeroPress- For those who enjoy this modern and innovative style of coffee, you may be happy to know that coffee brewed from an AeroPress is strikingly similar to espresso! AeroPress is thick, rich, and has a similar mouthfeel and level of caffeinating power.

• French Press- Another great option to substitute espresso in the chance you need to swap out some shots of espresso. French Press will serve up strong, innervating, creamy, and delicious coffee.

• Moka Pot- Another Italian mode of brewing, the Moka Pot can serve up java akin to thick, rich, and delectable coffee one might find with a French Press. Moka synergizes exceptionally well with milk for a great caffe latte.

Now that we have checked out some ways to substitute espresso in case you need to, we can now explore how to brew the perfect latte!

How to brew (with espresso):

• First, measure your dark roasted beans and grind them as finely as you can.
• Then pack your portafilter as tightly with coffee grinds as you can. Use a spoon or a tamper to tamp down your grinds.
• Pull your espresso into your mug or heat-resistant cup. Feel free to go for 2 shots!
• Time to prepare the frothed milk. If you have a milk frother on your espresso machine then this is a cinch, simply use your frother in your pitcher or a bowl with your chosen type of milk (i.e. cow’s milk, almond, soy, etc.). However, if you do not have a frother, no worries. You can heat up 4 ounces or ½ cups of your chosen milk on the stove in a saucepan at 150 degrees until the milk is hot but not yet simmering. Use a milk frother or wand, or an egg beater to whip the hot milk for about 2 minutes.
• Now that you have frothed your milk, tap and swirl your pot or pitcher to get rid of any large bubbles from your milk.
• Then, pour your milk from a slight elevation and pour from an angle. Be sure to do this carefully!
• Make sure to let a good portion of the thicker stiff milk into your coffee and top off with your foamy milk.
• At last! Enjoy your perfectly brewed latte!

Latte in all its perfection

The caffe latte is an excellent way to caffeinate and wake up in the morning. Not only is a latte a superb way to get some much-needed energy when one wakes up but it is also a delicious beverage that will make you excited to get out of bed in the morning! Try out our recipe for a perfect caffe latte and prepare to discover your new favorite way to caffeinate.

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