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How to make iced coffee

by Excell Ecom Ltd on Sep 16, 2022

How to make iced coffee

An iced treat all year round

      If you want to enjoy one of the most refreshing and innervating drinks on the globe then iced coffee is the beverage for you. Iced coffee takes the icey cool and refreshing powers of, of course, ice, and the innervating and energizing deliciousness of coffee. So today we will explore how to make excellent iced coffee and, for those who want something a bit creamier, we have some bonus information on how to brew an iced latte, too! So, if you are looking for a cool, calm, and collected beverage whether it is an iced coffee or iced latte, keep reading!

What is iced coffee

      This one is so obvious, coffee with ice of course! But the deceptively simple name belies the fact that brewing one is not so simple. 

     A common mistake is just pouring the coffee into an icy glass. The reason this can throw your iced coffee off is that the hot coffee will melt all the ice. The result will be a lukewarm beverage that will just taste like watery coffee. So, not a beverage one would jump out of bed for! For all intents and purposes, iced coffee is, yes, regular hot brewed coffee poured into an icy glass. But as mentioned before, that doesn't mean you should just go ahead and pour your hot brew onto the ice. 

      Iced coffee maintains all the flavors, hints, aromas, and notes present in hot coffee but is much more drinkable of course because it is chilled. As the ice slowly melts the flavors become gradually more subdued. So for example, if one is drinking a particularly harsh or striking coffee, like a bitter or robust bean ice can make your coffee more palatable for sure. Especially if you have chosen to go ahead and enjoy an iced latte, but more on that later! 

     When you drink an iced coffee not only is it refreshing but it also allows you to consume your coffee much faster-thus increasing your caffeine intake. Hot coffee we naturally drink a lot slower because it is too hot to just down it (don’t try doing that!). This makes iced coffee a great afternoon pick-me-up like after lunch or in the middle of the day or especially before exercising or hitting the gym!

How to brew iced coffee

      Brewing a nice iced coffee is a cinch, all you need is your standard brewer, some ice, and some patience. By following our handy recipe you can enjoy superb iced coffee anytime. Keep reading to learn how.

What you will need

  • Your coffee brewing method of choice- the method is not as important as the technique you will use to ice your java!
  • A glass
  • Plenty of ice cubes- made with filtered or purified water

How to brew iced coffee

  • First, brew your coffee. This should be the easiest part and you can feel free to brew as you like. Prefer French Press? Go for it! How about a classic pour-over? Why not? Brew your favorite style and ice it later.
  • Next, take your hot java and place it in the fridge. Another method is to let it sit, but this might lead to your coffee becoming bitter, rank, and in some cases developing mold. Thus, placing your coffee in the fridge is the better option.
  • Once your coffee is sufficiently cooled off, take your glass and thoroughly ice it.
  • Then, pour in your coffee.
  • Give the whole thing a stir and enjoy your stupendous coffee! 

Iced Latte

       For those who want something a little more on the milky side, here is our recipe for a nice iced latte. Keep reading to discover more!

What you will need

  • Your choice of black coffee, the stronger the better!
  • Milk of your choice, feel free to go almond, soy, etc.
  • Your glass
  • Your ice
  • First, brew your coffee as strong and as dark as possible, that is because the milk and ice will subdue much mellower flavors too much.
  • Then, cool your black coffee in the fridge as before.
  • Now, ice your glass and pour in your cold coffee. In regards to ratios, this will depend on how strong or light you would like your coffee. ⅓ coffee to ⅔ milk might be a good first-time ratio, and then adjust as you go. Always pour the coffee in first as it will be easier to mellow it out with milk than to bolster it with more java.
  • Next, pour in your chosen milk.
  • Stir the whole thing and enjoy a nourishing and delectable mode of coffee!

Iced coffee anytime

There are few drinks as energizing or refreshing as a good iced coffee. We hope this handy guide will assist you in brewing only the best iced coffee or iced latte. Enjoy an iced coffee in the morning for a quick energizing drink. Or brew one up before going for a run or hitting the weights. You can also enjoy an iced coffee or latte with lunch to help you power through the last work hours of the day. The possibilities are endless. Happy brewing! 


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