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Iced Shaken Espresso

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It's already June! Are you ready for kicking off the hot summer? Take a sip of a cold Ice Shaken Espresso that will keep you energized all day long this season. It's the perfect drink to beat back the summer heat, but what do you know about Iced Shaken Espresso? This article will take you through more!


What is Iced Shaken Espresso?

An iced espresso is a cold coffee drink. As the name suggests, it is made by shaking ice cubes and espresso, adding flavored syrups or sweeteners and milk to produce a distinctive coffee aroma and flavor.

As the national drink of Italians, drinking espresso has become an essential ritual for every Italian every day. When the summer heat hits, there's always a desire for an iced espresso drink to beat the heat without dilating the taste of the coffee too much with the ice water. So the Italians began to use the technique of mixing, adding the extracted espresso liquid into a shaker with ice and a moderate amount of syrup and shaking it!

The blend of espresso and ice retains the intense aroma and flavor of espresso, while providing a hint of sweetness and a rich, dense foam. Let the coffee taste and vision, have the feeling of drinking stout.

But instead of the typical Italian iced shake espresso, Starbucks puts milk on top and shakes out an espresso drink with a delicate, creamy foam.


How does Iced Shaken Espresso taste?

This cup of ice shaken espresso is concentrated and has "three layers" of flavor. And those three layers correspond to the layers of a good espresso.

The first layer is the rich, beautiful foam of coffee, light and full, which captures the precious aroma of the espresso's fat layer, which is ephemeral because of the heat.

The second layer is the slow blend of coffee and milk, adding a unique moisturizing, forming a new taste balance.

The third layer, at the bottom of the glass, is darker and contains the highest percentage of espresso. It will not only form a strong sense of taste impact, but also properly convey the unique charm of deep roast coffee beans.


Differences between an Iced Shaken Espresso and an Iced Latte

Since Ice Shaken Espresso and Iced Latte are similar in ingredients, with a mix of ice, espresso, syrup, and milk, you may be wondering what exactly is different between them.

  • Method of Making

The main difference between an iced shaken espresso and an iced latte is that an iced shaken espresso is made by shaking while an iced latte is stirred.

Using a shaker is an important part of the process. It affects the flavor and mouthfeel of the coffee. For example, vigorously shaking espresso, syrup, and ice cubes will quickly cool the espresso down and creates a lot of light froth in the espresso. What's more, it also dilutes some of the ice, giving the espresso the perfect strength.

  • Caffeine Content

Compared to an iced latte, an iced shaken espresso has a higher coffee content, and therefore a higher caffeine content. On average, an iced shaken espresso contains about 75 to 85 extra milligrams of caffeine more than an iced latte. Of course, the amount of caffeine you consume depends on the mixture you use and the size of the serving.

In fact, iced shaken espresso is one of the most caffeinated drinks you can buy at Starbucks. Specifically, Starbucks' Tall, Grande, and Venti iced shaken espressos are made with 2, 3, and 4 shots of espresso, respectively, compared to 1, 2, and 3 shots for similarly-sized iced lattes.

  • Amount of Milk

An iced shaken espresso is made with more coffee than an iced latte. Ice lattes, on the other hand, contain more milk.

  • Flavor

Because an iced latte contains more milk and syrup than an iced shaken espresso, an iced latte is milder and sweeter in flavor. Conversely, iced shaken espresso has a stronger, more intense flavor due to its higher coffee content. For coffee lovers who prefer a strong coffee flavor, iced shaken espresso is a good choice.


It seems that you already know more about Iced Shaken Espresso after reading this article, so why not opt for an Iced Shaken Espresso in this summer?


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