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Must have tools for espresso lovers

by Lucia Liang on Jun 20, 2023

Must have tools for espresso lovers

Tools of the trade

We can be certain, those of us who have an espresso machine at home are always on the lookout for the best items, tools, and doodads that will contribute to only the best shots of espresso. Well, today you are in luck because we will be exploring some of the most mandatory items for espresso brewers to use at home for pulling only perfect shots of espresso. Here is our list of must-have items!


Bottomless Portafilter

One of the first imperative items on our list is the Bottomless Portafilter. But, what exactly is it and why do you need one? The Bottomless Portafilter also known provocatively as the “naked portafilter” is of course a portafilter but one made specially to enhance your brewing. It is devoid of spouts and the basket is exposed. The purpose of this item is to help a barista diagnose any kind of problems when it comes to espresso extraction. The bottomless portafilter is designed so a barista can watch the whole shot-pulling process. This does wonders for ensuring you only get the best shot of espresso possible and allows you to keep a watchful eye on your espresso’s crema, consistency, flavor, aroma, and overall espresso experience!


WDT tool

A real problem that can arise with any variety of coffee brewing includes uneven extraction. When the hot water does not evenly brew your grounds you can experience a brew that is too sour or too burnt tasting. For baristas wanting to avoid any issues with uneven extraction of their coffee grounds, the Weiss Distribution Technique tool or WDT tool is a must-have item in any good barista’s tool kit! The needles are used to sift through the grounds to ensure an even extraction. This tool is ideal for keeping every shot you pull free of excess bitterness and astringency and only tasting spectacular.



Another keen must-have item is the espresso shot tamper. Now, with other modes of coffee brewing maybe a spoon can do the trick for tamping down coffee grounds. But since espresso is a much more exact and precise art, and one where the portafilter is just not the right shape to match with the oblong curve of a spoon, a specialized tool is instead needed. That is where the tamper comes in. The tamper is perfect for making sure the puck you pack with your espresso grounds is packed as tightly and evenly as possible. This helps to eliminate uneven distribution but also any air pockets that might form in the puck. 


Dosing ring

Few pleasures in life beat grinding your own coffee beans in the morning. Whether you love the extra effort of a manual grind or the convenience of an electric grinder, smelling freshly ground beans is stupendous! But there is a common frustration we can all relate to, and that is the excess grinds that may fall to the counter or floor when we try to scoop or pour our grinds into our brewing vessels of choice. The dosing ring is effectively a funnel that keeps all your grinds in your portafilter where they belong. The portafilter is especially useful for baristas who make sure to measure and weigh their beans before they grind. This way there is no margin for error when pulling the most perfect shot of espresso. Not to mention the cleanup afterwards is just a little bit easier thanks to the dosing ring!


Must-haves for spectacular espresso

If you want to brew stunning espresso shots every time, then follow our handy guide and be sure to have some of these items on hand. Don’t stress about over or under-extraction, too bitter, or too astringent shots, or any sort of hassles that may normally occur when brewing. Instead, just enjoy the experience and be sure to savor every last sip!


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