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Why there is no crema on my Espresso?

by Zonic Zhou on Aug 18, 2023

Why there is no crema on my Espresso?

Are you struggling with why the coffee you make is missing the cream? After following the instructions for your Wirsh coffee machine over and over again, the cream still doesn't appear. Coffee without cream is especially hard to drink and lacks aromatic flavor. Next, I will solve this problem for you.


What is coffee creamer?

Cream refers to the foam on top of the coffee, a unique feature of espresso, composed of proteins, sugar, and oil. Having it in can enhance the aroma and flavor of the coffee.


5 reasons that affect the cream 

  1. Freshness of coffee beans: Fresh coffee beans, used from the time they are roasted and left for 7 days, are the richest in oils and flavor. It is best to consume them within 1 months. Beyond this time, the oils of the beans will oxidize and rise to the surface, and the coffee cream will gradually diminish, reducing the aroma and taste.
  1. Ground coffee powder: The area exposed to air is larger than coffee beans, so it is easy to oxidize. Over time, it will have a bad odor. Ground coffee powder needs to be placed in a jar and consumed as soon as possible.
  1. The size of the ground coffee: you need to pay attention to the size of the grind, too big and too small will result in no oil. You need to keep adjusting and testing the grinder through feedback from each brew to achieve the best grind size.
  1. Ground coffee weight: Check the size of the basket in the handle. For a single cup, you need 7 grams of coffee grounds. For a double cup, you need at least 14 grams.
  1. Pressure and water temperature: Brew espresso in a machine with a pressure of 7-9 Bar, the Wirsh espresso machinepressure is ideally 9 Bar. The temperature is 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  1. Machine problem: Before extracting the coffee liquid, you need to preheat the machine, coffee handle and espresso cup. Make sure the temperature is more stable when making coffee. Frequently clean the coffee machine to keep the inside of the machine clean.



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