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Great use for coffee grounds

by Zonic Zhou on Aug 31, 2023

Great use for coffee grounds

When you use a Wirsh coffee maker to make coffee, it produces a lot of coffee grounds. Most of the time, we will just throw it into the garbage. In fact, these coffee grounds have many unexpected uses.


Use in life

1. Remove fleas from pets

Fleas don't like the flavor of coffee, so when bathing your pet, just rub the coffee grounds on your pet's fur. Then, in order, rinse off and dry the fur.


2. Reduce the odor nuisance

Coffee grounds can be placed in the refrigerator or closet, it can neutralize the smell in the air. Scrub your hands with them after cooking using garlic or onions to remove odors from your hands.


 3. Natural cleaning creams

Use them to wash the sink, polish cookware or clean the grill. It will help remove buildup on surfaces and has a sanitizing effect.


 4. Natural scrubs

The coarse particles in coffee grounds are natural scrubs, add water and a little coconut oil and you have a commercially available coffee scrub. Mixed with water and honey, it can be turned into a lip exfoliating scrub.


Use in the garden

1. Fertilizing the garden

We know that growing plants in the garden for a long time will lead to soil depletion. So it is necessary to fertilize the garden regularly to ensure that the plants have enough nutrients. Coffee grounds contain some micronutrients that can provide plants with minerals for growth. It also attracts some worms that help loosen the soil for the plants. When you use coffee grounds, simply sprinkle it around your plants.


2. Repel insects and pests

Some insects don't like the smell of coffee grounds, try sprinkling coffee grounds on an outdoor seat or near a pest nest. This way it will keep the pests out of your house and garden.


3. Planting Mushrooms

Mushrooms cannot be planted in the garden, but we can use coffee grounds as a base or substrate. Because it is rich in nutrients for mushroom growth.



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