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Why is my coffee too strong

by Lucia Liang on Apr 12, 2024

Why is my coffee too strong

Whether we make it at home or buy it outside, we are likely to get a cup of espresso with a bitter flavor. As a coffee lover, I'm very prone to this kind of thing. So it's inevitable that I get curious about these failed coffees.


They smell burnt and taste bitter. You might think this is caused by the high caffeine content, but it's not a sure thing.


Together, we will explore the reasons for these situations next. By understanding these basic elements, you will be able to fine-tune your coffee to your liking.


Coffee strength as it relates to coffee machine

- Ratio of ground coffee to water

Usually the portion and flow rate of water in a small espresso machine is determined, and the concentration of the concentrate can only be adjusted by the coffee grounds. With less coffee powder, the extraction pressure is low and the coffee concentration is low. If there are more coffee grounds, the extraction pressure is high and the coffee concentration is high.


- Extraction Temperature

The extraction rate is the quality of coffee extracted from the coffee beans during brewing. Under-extraction, the coffee will taste sour. Over extraction, the coffee will feel bitter. Wirsh home barista espresso machine, you can adjust the extraction

te- mperature, to 94 ℃ as the standard up or down, precise control at 92 - 96 ℃.


Other Factors

- Degree of Roasting of Coffee Beans

Lightly roasted coffee beans present a fruity, more acidic flavor. The deeper the roasting degree, the stronger the flavor of the coffee beans. Medium depth coffee beans, possess a creamy aroma. Deep roasted coffee beans have a strong flavor and are more bitter after extraction.


- Grind Size

The grind of the coffee affects the surface area of the coffee that comes into contact with the water when it is brewed, which directly affects the strength of the coffee. The finer the grind, the stronger the brewed coffee, while the coarser the grind, the lighter the brewed coffee. We need to grind the most suitable powder according to the characteristics of the machine.


- Type of grinder

Ground coffee powder needs to be uniform in size, if the size particles will mix together. The difference will affect the flavor of the coffee.


- Weight of coffee powder

The number of grams for single and double cups needs to be strictly in accordance with the range provided in the manual of the coffee machine. Test it several times to find out the most suitable flavor for you.


With time and patience, you will begin to understand your preferred brewing ratio. With just a few constant adjustments, you can break the limits of espresso. Of course it is important to have the right coffee maker.




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