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Must-know tips for extracting espresso

by BO LI on Apr 26, 2024

Must-know tips for extracting espresso

The espresso concentrate can be said to be the base of almost all coffee. When a coffee lover wants to embark on the journey of making his own coffee, the first question that comes to mind must be how to make a decent and good espresso concentrate. The extraction principle of an espresso machine relies on high pressure, high temperature, and precise timing. Invented just a century ago, the espresso machine quickly became popular as a new way to brew coffee. The "espresso craze" started with a dark roast called Seattle style, but in Italy, where espresso became famous, lighter roasts gained more acceptance. 


The extraction principle of an espresso machine differs from drip coffee machines. An espresso machine operates like an orchestra conductor, orchestrating flavors with precision. Most of the coffee beans are extracted at temperatures about 94 degrees Celsius, and a good espresso liquid can be extracted after 30 seconds of extraction at a pressure of 9 bar. This method efficiently extracts the coffee's components, resulting in a rich and complex flavor profile. That is why our home barista 20 bar expresso machine temperature maintain 92 to 96 degree.


The hallmark of espresso, its dense foam or crema, forms as proteins react with polysaccharides in the coffee oils, preserving flavors. The quality of the shot depends on factors such as the amount of coffee powder, particle size, and loading method. Correct pressure settings are crucial; if the powder amount is insufficient, particles are large, or the packing is too tight, the pressure may drop, resulting in a shorter extraction time and a less flavorful taste. Conversely, if too much powder is used or the particles are too large, extraction may take too long, producing a bitter taste. Proper pressure and adjustments ensure a consistently delightful espresso. And we have therefore designed a pressure gauge so that coffee lovers can see the values very easily. If it is in the red range it is a very suitable pressure value. 


Ensuring a perfect extraction every time and allowing them to enjoy barista-level coffee at home is what we pursue.


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