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Reacquaint Yourself with Espresso

by Alfa HU on May 25, 2023

Reacquaint Yourself with Espresso

Espresso wasn't just an eye-opener, it was a way of life. Thanks to generations of passion for excellence, true espresso adds a unique, silky flavor to a variety of specialty coffees.

Let's get to know espresso again. Read on!


It is a form of coffee brewing that originated in Italy in the early 20th century and has since spread to the four corners of the globe.

It is made by using an espresso machine to press pressurized hot water over moderately ground coffee, and the result is a liquid that is tougher than coffee and has "crema" (a brown foam) on it.

crema: This brown foam is formed when air bubbles are mixed with the soluble oil of ground coffee and sit on top of a suitably stretched espresso.

And it's the basis for all the best specialty coffees, including cappuccinos or lattes. The addition of milk adds a rich flavor to espresso, which has a thicker, creamier texture than black coffee.


Benefits of espresso:

  • Helps improve your memory: Research has shown that coffee can improve your memory.  It can help you recall information and improve your brain’s ability to retain it. A recent study found that lucky folks who enjoy atleast two shots of espresso benefited from an increased level of memory consolidation. This was a boon to fortifying long-term memory.
  • Helps you concentrate more: Espresso gives you an energy boost. This can make it easier for your brain to focus on your daily responsibilities. Espresso can help you concentrate by increasing the levels of dopamine in the brain.Espresso can be the best remedy for those feeling exhausted.
  • heart health: Some studies have found that espresso can protect our hearts! The study found that women in particular benefit from a lower risk of stroke than women who did not enjoy espresso regularly. Coffee has also been found to increase circulation and promote healthy blood flow.
  • reduces risk of diabetes: For individuals that may be struggling with or have the potential risk of developing diabetes, try enjoying more espresso! Espresso can help reduce the risk of developing diabetes later on in life. The fact that espresso is devoid of any kind of extra sugars, salts or fats is one of the big reasons for its diabetes fighting nature.
  • May help with weight loss:Espresso can improve your physical performance and make daily workouts easier. It can make you more productive and push you harder than ever. It can also prevent muscle soreness from occurring during a harder workout. This, combined with the fact that espresso is so low in calories, makes it a great tool for weight loss.
  • Helps improve mood: Caffeine in an espresso shot is a powerful stimulant.  This stimulant can help you get rid of any cloudy moods throughout the day.  It can make your day brighter.People with depression can also benefit from drinking espresso.  It stimulates the brain, reduces exhaustion, and eases your mood.
  • Could aid digestion: A cup of espresso can help you get your digestive system moving along with you. Add espresso to your daily routine if you have trouble with digestion.Espresso can prevent you from feeling bloated or sick after eating. You’ll feel like conquering the world, not laying down for a nap.


Caffeine content in espresso:

Although espresso has a higher caffeine content, it all depends on how much coffee you drink.

Espresso contains 29 to 100 milligrams of caffeine at a time, usually around 75 milligrams. Two servings contain 58 to 185 mg. Of course, it depends on the type of bean and how the coffee is brewed.

Because espresso can be made from any kind of coffee bean, the acidity in espresso will vary from roast to roast.

Lighter roasts are more acidic because darker roasts tend to mask the beans' natural acidity. Many coffee shops use darker beans for espresso, making the espresso slightly less acidic than other brewed coffees.


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