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The Best RTD Coffee for the summer

by Lucia Liang on May 22, 2023

The Best RTD Coffee for the summer

Ready when you are

The pleasures of brewing coffee are manifold and go without mention. I mean what can beat grinding fresh beans? That aroma of newly ground java? The pleasure of overseeing your brew to the smallest detail? The honors of pushing down the French Press plunger, pulling a personalized espresso shot, or hearing the percolating babbling of a moka pot just for you. 

Well while those are amazing for sure, they don’t fit in a cooler for the beach. Or make for ready and willing camping companions, or for much travel at all. Hence why we are sharing with you the next best thing, the best RTD coffees for the summer!


What is RTD?

RTD stands for “Ready-to-drink”. The origins of RTD are usually traced back to the fast-paced world of Japanese salarymen during the 70s into the 80s and 90s. Having to get up and rush to and from home and the office meant that time for precious coffee was limited. Thus canned coffee was produced so the salarymen could grab a can in passing. Today RTD has evolved to encompass much more than the simple instant coffee one can find in the classic cans of Boss and Georgia Craft coffee. Today, everyone from Starbucks to even alcoholic beverage producers have made inroads into the RTD market. RTDs are great for not just an early morning rush, but for more leisurely imbibement, too. Lounging at the park, at the beach, at a campsite, and much more are perfect venues for RTD coffee (or alcohol, but that’s for a different conversation!). Now, let’s see some of the RTDs to keep an eye out for this summer.

  1. Illy RTD Cold Brew Cappucino- Illy is known for its keen espresso, so RTD and cold brew may be surprising to see alongside the Illy name. But that's what makes this RTD so enticing! Perfect for a long and relaxing day at the piazza.
  2. Boss Coffee Flash Brew Cold Black Coffee- Boss is the name to know when it comes to canned and RTD coffee. One of the big names of Japanese canned coffee to this day, Boss is always a treat. Even more so when it is in the form of the cutting edge flash chilled. This method is used in many RTD beverages including many types of canned coffee and includes using a special freezer to rapidly cool the hot coffee. 
  3. Nguyen Coffee Supply- To get your fix of Vietnamese coffee over the summer, be sure to fill the cooler with this great RTD. The use of robusta makes for a potent RTD for outdoor activities!
  4. Peet’s True Iced Espresso-You don’t need to venture far outside the bounds of a big-name coffee chain to score great RTD coffee. Peet’s is true to their word with their True Iced Espresso!
  5. UCC Hawaii Kona Blend with Milk- Another classic of the canned coffee world coming out this summer with a tropical treat. Don’t sleep on the big kahuna of RTD coffee, it is a refreshing take on the latte that is perfect for beach days.



Here are just a few of our top picks. Feel free to mix and match and find your top RTD coffees for the summer! Let us know in the comments which RTD brews are hour go-to's! Happy brewing or, rather, happy chilling!


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