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How many shots of espresso makeup 1 standard cup of coffee?

by Lucia Liang on Oct 13, 2023

How many shots of espresso makeup 1 standard cup of coffee?

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Coffee lovers' preferences for java are as diverse as the world is large. Some coffee lovers pursue volume while others prefer potency. And of course, there are those who wouldn't mind a little bit of both or let's consider more caffeine-sensitive folks, who may want a small volume and less potent coffee. 

Certainly, everyone's preferences are important and matter. But today we will try to understand how many standard shots of espresso are in one standard cup of coffee. This will be important info for those who might wish to fill up a thermos of coffee before work and wish to use espresso as their coffee of choice. No doubt that will keep you working for some time! But just how many shots equal one cuppa?


How much is one standard shot of espresso?

One standard shot of espresso in a demitasse cup or shot glass will generally come out to be one fluid ounce of coffee. It is important to note that the caffeine content is hyper-concentrated in espresso and so while the volume is smaller than what is considered a standard cup of coffee there is a chance the caffeine punch will be just as, if not more, potent. When brewing coffee the principle is that less water and more grounds equal stronger coffee in both taste and caffeine level. This principle is demonstrated most clearly with espresso shots.


How much is one standard cup of coffee?

We consider a "standard" cup of coffee to be about 5 fluid ounces of liquid. Some other sources will make clear the cup itself is 8 ounces, but usually the average amount of liquid in a cup of coffee comes out to be about 5 ounces. The caffeine content of course is dependent on the brewing method one has used to prepare the coffee but the liquid content is 5 fluid ounces nonetheless. To be even extra clear say you grab the biggest mug in your kitchen, then the fluid ounce count would potentially be much higher than 5. But to keep things simple and as standard as can be, a general cup of coffee will be 5 fluid ounces.


Now how do they compare?

As one can see, one shot comes out to be around 1 fluid ounce while one cup is 5 fluid ounces which means one cup of coffee is equal to about 5 shots of espresso. Or, 5shots can be used to fill a mug with espresso and drink it. But please only do this if you intend to drink that cuppa over a long period slowly! Such a potent brew in such a large volume may certainly lead to some jitteriness. Thus it'd be wiser to fill some of that volume potential with water, milk, cream, or a mix of a few things. I.e. why not go for an Americano or a cappuccino if you'd like to get your full standard cup literage? 


How many shots of espresso can fill a standard-sized coffee cup?

About 5 but before you go ahead and fill your cup or thermos with all espresso, maybe cut it with some water or milk. Espresso is one potent brew so enjoy it responsibly! Happy brewing.


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