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Everything about Espresso

by Lucia Liang on Sep 22, 2023

Everything about Espresso

Express-ly for you

What is more convenient than coffee made, or rather pulled, express-ly for you? Not a whole lot! But today we will talk about how one can go about getting coffee express-ly for oneself and others by getting our hands on an espresso machine. But when considering a machine it is important to take into consideration a few things like how much caffeine is in one shot of espresso, how one can enjoy their espresso once it is pulled, and of course why are espresso machines just so very expensive?


How much caffeine is in one shot of espresso?

When preparing your perfect coffee brew for the day it may be helpful to know just how much caffeine is going into your body. With coffee, there are a few different factors that may contribute to your brewed coffee's final overall caffeine level. But in the interest of brevity and simplicity, we will just focus on how much caffeine is in one pure brewed shot of espresso. 

Assuming you are using a standard shot brewing vessel like a standard 3-ounce tazza demitasse cup, then you can expect an average caffeine level of 63 mg of caffeine per ounce of coffee in your pulled shot. So, bear this in mind when deciding on whether to do a double shot or not.


How to enjoy espresso

Enjoyment is subjective. So the way one person might enjoy espresso and the way another person might enjoy espresso will differ for certain. However, there are ways in which espresso is typically enjoyed and for those unsure of how to make use of their espresso shots once they are pulled, you are in luck. That is because there is a whole massive tradition of espresso that has developed over a century or so. Here are just a few good ways to enjoy your espresso!

  • Shot of espresso: Okay so this one may seem obvious but some coffee lovers out there may not be aware they can just enjoy their espresso shots as is. Once your shot is pulled you can drink it right from the demitasse cup. As just a pure shot it can be thrown back like one would a shot of alcohol or it can be slowly sipped and enjoyed depending on you!
  • Americano: Another espresso classic, the Americano is 1-2 shots of espresso poured into hot water. There are tons of variations on this one including the iced Americano which is 1-2 shots poured into a cup of cold and thoroughly iced water.
  • Latte: There are too many variations to the traditional latte to list here, but the latte is another favorite coffee item courtesy of espresso. The latte includes a shot or two of espresso with milk. 
  • Cappuccino: Often conflated with the latte these two espresso-based beverages differ from one another because latte is made with milk while cappuccino is made with hot milk foam. By the way, you can grab an espresso machine equipped with a handy milk frother for exactly this kind of coffee drink from us. For example our Wirsh 20 Bar Espresso Machine!


Why are espresso machines so expensive?

Unlike other brewing vessels that may range between 10-50 dollars, espresso machines may start around 100 dollars and climb steadily upwards the higher in capacity and quality one goes. But why is this? 

To understand why espresso machines are so expensive, it is important to know that espresso machines are highly specialized machines that are built to prepare only the most perfect shots of espresso. 

Many other brewing vessels require users to press a button and usually, they will effectively pour hot water over the coffee grounds. But an espresso machine requires close and detailed attention and some level of technical knowledge of the machine. 

Espresso machine users may have to do maintenance on their machines. Or, at the very least, will have to clean the separate small parts of their machines. 

In addition, espresso machines are often used in cafes or other businesses and so their potential to turn a profit is high. Not only that but most espresso machines are also equipped with frothers and other accouterments that can help a barista prepare any type of espresso-based beverage right there with their machine. We just so happen to have several such fine machines such as our Wirsh 20 Bar Espresso Machine that comes with a Plastic-Free Portafilter, Steamer, Pressure Gauge, Touch Screen, and is fully furbished with Stainless Steel. With our Wirsh you can make all of the espresso-based drinks listed above and much more!


Espresso expressly for you

Enjoying espresso is one of life's many pleasures and can be enjoyed courtesy of our Wirsh machines. Once you get your hands on the portafilter you won't want to let go! The best part of owning your own espresso machine is the endless amount of possibilities for what you can do with it. The sky is the limit with an espresso machine. As its name suggests it is express-ly for you!


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