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Best Father’s Day Gift-Gift Idea for Dad

by Dolly Lee on Jun 10, 2024

Best Father’s Day Gift-Gift Idea for Dad

When it comes to Father's Day gifts, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is a bow tie. It's the “Tacky Tie Syndrome” that we all have. But the truth is, when it comes to gifts for your father, whether it's for Father's Day or a birthday, he'll be happier if you give him something he uses often. That's what I've learned over the years, and I hope it helps.


How to pick a perfect gift for your father?

1. First of all, find out your father's hobbies, preferably things that interest him recently;
What does he do in his free time? Does he like reading books or outdoor activities, does he travel a lot, does he like cooking, does he like DIY. this is the low point and the most important point. If you can buy what he's interested in, he'll feel more directly that you care about him and respect him.

2. Evaluate your budget; a good gift, of course, is not the more expensive the better, before you buy anything you need to be clear about your budget, more to see the discount platform, perhaps so you can also agree to the price of the gift to get a better configuration.

I am a newly working office worker myself, my father has always been very fond of cooking, home chairs, a lot of small furniture are made by him, full hands-on faction. Recently, he is also addicted to drinking coffee with me. I often bring him Starbucks and invite him to speciality coffee shops on weekends. Every time the barista was pulling the flowers, he always stared with great curiosity, and I knew that he was hooked and wanted to make his own cup of coffee.


As you guys know, I am a newbie who just started working not long ago. I actually don't know much about coffee makers. In order to be able to pick a cost-effective entry-level coffee maker, I have done a lot of research on the configurations and discount sites for entry-level coffee makers.


As far as I know, the rich flavors and oils from perfect extraction and rich milk froth are three things that are crucial if you need to make a cup of coffee at the same level as a barista. You need a steady pressure pump to extract enough oils, steady pressure and temperature for flavor, and a lot of power to make a dense milk froth. In the entry-level coffee makers, the Italian ULKA pumps are more consistent. At this point I locked in on Wirsh's coffee maker.


 The second step was to look for discount sites. I compared many discount sites and I was very impressed with wethrift ( They are not charging the consumer anything and have an agreement with Wirsh to constantly update with the latest and greatest discounts. There are even specialized discounts. I've found that within my budget, I would have only been able to buy Wirsh's Home Barista, but I've been able to buy many more accessories on this site. It's a great savings for afterward.


That's my Father's Day gift buying tips that I hope to share with you and give you some gift buying advice.



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