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Streamlining Milk Frothing

by BO LI on May 16, 2024

Streamlining Milk Frothing

Frothing milk is a crucial step in making the perfect cup of coffee, elevating its smoothness and flavor richness.For beginners, getting café-quality froth might seem challenging. But knowing the importance of using top-notch milk is key to nailing it.


So, how do you pick the right milk for frothing?


First off, let’s break down how froth is made.

In simple terms, froth is created by injecting air into milk using pressurized steam. Milk contains two main proteins—casein and whey protein—that sit on the surface of milk fat globules.


When steam from a coffee machine’s wand is used to froth milk, millions of tiny bubbles are infused into the milk. During this process, whey proteins come together, turning into casein. This bidirectional gathering of whey proteins wraps around the bubbles, forming froth. High-quality proteins gather quicker and tighter, binding with milk fat to create a protective layer around the bubbles, preventing them from popping.


Clearly, proteins play a vital role in froth formation. The higher the milk’s protein content, the better the froth.


Secondly, the choice of steam pump is crucial. Getting the right mix of air and steam in the milk takes skill. Wirsh uses the ULKA 20 Bar original Italian pump, ensuring even air distribution for smoother froth. It’s also beginner-friendly.


With top-quality milk, most beginners using the Wirsh Home Barista Machine can whip up froth as good as a pro barista’s.


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