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Refresh Your Summer with Iced Coffee and Tea

Refresh Your Summer with Iced Coffee and Tea

As summer arrives, the heat can vary greatly depending on where you are. It might be a dull, humid heat or a dry, refreshing warmth. Regardless, switching from hot lattes to iced coffee has been a long-standing tradition for me.


Whenever I head to the office or meet up with friends, I always have an iced coffee in hand. Iced coffee not only reduces the bitterness of the coffee, enhancing its sweetness, but also provides a refreshing break from the summer heat. I am a self-proclaimed heat enthusiast, often enjoying an iced Americano at work. Recently, I discovered an excellent machine that simplifies the process of making iced coffee and iced tea, especially when entertaining friends or sharing with family. This machine, made by Wirsh, has been a game-changer for me.


I start by adding my favorite coffee grounds and a jug full of ice water. Watching the hot coffee drip onto the ice cubes is visually satisfying, and the hot coffee retains its aroma as it cools. The iced tea and coffee maker allows you to choose the strength of your brew, and I enjoy drinking it straight after brewing, sometimes adding milk, chocolate, or honey. This machine is perfect for sharing and saves a lot of time compared to traditional espresso machines. Additionally, it’s very easy to clean.


My favorite user of this machine is my mom. She loves making iced floral and fruit teas and inviting her friends over for afternoon tea. We sometimes argue over which drink to make, so when I got my second month’s paycheck, I bought her a machine of her own. Thank god, it wasn’t a huge expense and saved our mother-daughter bond.


With the Wirsh ice tea&coffee maker, enjoying refreshing drinks all summer long is easy and convenient. Whether you’re a coffee lover or prefer iced teas, this machine caters to all your needs, making it a must-have for the hot months ahead.


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