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Why are espresso machines so expensive?

by Zonic Zhou on Oct 27, 2023

Why are espresso machines so expensive?

As a coffee enthusiast, I assume you have started shopping for a coffee machine. When you see drip coffee equipment that only costs a few tens of dollars, you will immediately make a purchase. But if you look at the price tag of an espresso machine, you might be shocked. I'm not surprised at all that you would have this expression because espresso machines are very expensive, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several hundred thousand dollars.


Why are espresso machines so expensive?

Espresso machines are composed of many different components, and it takes multiple parts working together to extract a shot of espresso. For example, a pressure regulator is used to achieve the best coffee flavor. In addition to these factors, there are three main reasons that contribute to the high cost.

- Parts and materials

Espresso machines are made up of different components and parts, such as pressure sensors, which are expensive themselves. The better the quality of the parts, the more expensive the espresso machine will be. Commercial machines are made from durable materials to withstand heavy use, so they are more expensive than regular coffee machines.

- Research and development

Although espresso machines have a long history, perform well, and are stable, many manufacturers are constantly seeking innovation. Developing such a complex coffee machine requires a lot of technology and expertise, as well as repeated testing and modification, in order to create a machine with a completely new appearance and features. The cost of developing these products is passed on to customers by espresso machine manufacturers.

- Brand promotion

The funds required for brand promotion are reflected in the price of the brand. Some coffee machine brands have a long history and a good reputation, so their prices are relatively high. When you believe in their quality and reliability and purchase these brands, you are not only paying for the coffee machine, but also for the quality of the brand.


What types of espresso machines are there?

- Commercial espresso machine - suitable for coffee shops, expensive. It can extract multiple cups of coffee at the same time, saving production time. The cost of parts is high, and the product is more durable. It uses a commercial pressure pump for more stable extraction.

- Home espresso machine - suitable for home use, relatively inexpensive. It can only make a second cup of coffee after the first cup is finished. It is durable, and the optimal pressure is 9Bar.


How to choose a home espresso machine?

Nowadays, the technology of home espresso machines is relatively transparent, and the internal components used are mostly imported. Their quality is similar, and machines from major brands are relatively more expensive. If you currently have $500 and want to buy a machine with a grinder, you can spend a little more money to choose Breville espresso machines and Delonghi espresso machines. If you are not opposed to new brands, then you will have more options. Wirsh's machines only cost $499, and they may be even cheaper during promotions.


If you are just starting out and trying to make coffee at home with a limited budget, you can choose an entry-level espresso machine. Usually, they only cost $100+ dollars. Just like Wirsh Home Barista Plus Espresso Machine, in addition to basic functions, it also has the features of coffee temperature adjustment and continuous brewing of multiple cups, and it only costs $139.99 with discounts. The safe accessories made of non-plastic materials are suitable for anyone to use.

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