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Recommended by HOMES & GARDENS - Incredible Wirsh espresso machine is only $150

by Lucia Liang on Nov 03, 2023

Recommended by HOMES & GARDENS - Incredible Wirsh espresso machine is only $150

As coffee enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of a reliable and high-performance espresso machine. HOMES & GARDENS' review beautifully captures the essence of this remarkable appliance Wirsh Home Barista Plus “The Wirsh espresso machine can make coffees to rival models which cost twenty times its price. Slim, sleek, and excellent value, this is perfect for those shopping on a budget.”


HOMES & GARDENS praised “If this is your first espresso machine in a small home or apartment, this is an excellent investment. It's hard to believe that an espresso machine this good costs close to $150”, The advanced functionality of this machine allows users to make good coffee quickly and easily, making it a standout choice for coffee lovers.


The editor of HOMES & GARDENS, Laura, who is also a trained barista, personally tested the Wirsh espresso machine in their test kitchen.  She documented the entire process, from unpacking and cleaning to the all-important taste test.  Laura believes that the Wirsh machine is an excellent appliance with well-thought-out features.


Wirsh has crafted a true masterpiece that is set to redefine the coffee brewing experience. The Wirsh Espresso Machine Home Barista Plus features a 20 bar pump system to extract the maximum flavor from your favorite coffee beans. Its machines have a small footprint and are ideal for small apartments, offices or dormitories. With its easy-to-use controls, you can make your favorite espresso just like a professional barista. 


For those seeking a premium at-home coffee brewing experience, the Wirsh Espresso Machine Home Barista Plus is a must-have. With Wirsh, you can elevate your coffee brewing experience and enjoy the perfect cup of espresso, every time.



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I'm a barista – the Wirsh espresso machine is only $150 and it's incredible




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