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Countries that produce specialty coffee

by mywirsh Admin on Mar 31, 2022

Countries that produce specialty coffee

To generate the tasty beans of specialty coffee, precise conditions and microclimates must be met in order to produce the better grade and more complex commodity coffee. You might wonder, then, which nations supply the majority of the world's specialty coffee. Does the fact that it is a coffee-producing country imply that the coffee it produces is of superior quality? The answer isn't always. To learn more about the unique features of the specialty coffees produced in each of these nations, keep reading.

  • Brazil

In order to maintain its position as the world's top producer of coffee, Brazil uses natural as well as pulped natural procedures to create its Arabica-dominant crop. Medium body, moderate acidity, and pleasant bittersweet chocolate and nutty flavors distinguish its high-quality beans. Bourbon, Caturra, Typica, and Mundo Novo can be considered some of the most popular varietals, which are utilized in high-quality espresso mixes. For the world's best coffee, go no further than Brazil.

  • Colombia

Colombian coffee is among the world's most well-known because of its effective marketing strategy. Small plantations dot the northern Andes, where it is mostly farmed. Due to its gentle and balanced body, it is noted for its smooth flavor and creamy texture. Floral and citrus aromas abound, as does a high level of acidity.

  • Costa Rica

With such ideal growing circumstances, it is no surprise that Costa Rica produces several of the world's finest coffees. Fruity and acidic, high-grown Costa Rican coffees from the highlands are distinctive of this region. Tarrazu, Heredia, Tres Rios, and Alajuela are notable coffee-growing locations.

  • Ethiopia

The Arabica tree originated in Ethiopia, where tribespeople still collect wild coffee cherries in the mountains. The Harrar variety, which has winy and blueberry overtones, with nice body and acidity, and the Eastern Gimbi, which comes with the winy Harrar undertones, but is usually richer, well-balanced, and come with a heavier body & longer finish, can be found in Eastern Ethiopia. There are washed coffees from the southern part of Ethiopia that have a fruity acidity and rich scent.

  • Guatemala

Antigua, Huehuetenango and Coban, in Guatemala's Central Highlands are home to a few of the best specialty coffee in the world.  Generally, wet-processed Guatemalan coffees are of the highest grade, with spicy or chocolatey flavors, a medium body, and strong acidity.

  • Indonesia

As the fourth largest coffee producer on Earth, Indonesia produces a lot of Robusta, with just a small proportion of speciality coffee. It's worth noting, though, that the Arabica beans from this specific region are often regarded as some of the greatest in the world for their richness and full-bodied taste, as well as their earthy scent and mild acidity. 

  • Kenya

Wet-processed coffee beans from Kenya are well-known for their exceptional quality. Even the most expensive Kenyan coffee might be two times expensive than the high-grade Kenyan coffee. One of the world's finest coffees, estate Kenyan coffees have a hefty body, intense acidity, and a black-currant scent.

In addition to that, countries like Mexico, India, Zimbabwe, Jamaica and Peru produces superb coffee verities. 

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