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Coffee does not go with dessert, no matter how good is a waste!

by Alfa HU on Jun 05, 2023

Coffee does not go with dessert, no matter how good is a waste!

Many people start their beautiful day with a cup of coffee. They have a unique love and taste for coffee. They like to sit in coffee shops, taste strong Espresso and enjoy the satisfaction brought by a cup of full coffee. However, how can a sophisticated and pleasant coffee hour be without a perfect dessert? Choosing a dessert to go with your coffee is an art. With the right choices, both coffee and dessert taste improved. Choose wrong, affect the taste of coffee.

So, how can we combine coffee and dessert to achieve better results? Read on!


Pick complementary flavors

Match and choose according to the taste of the coffee itself, so as to complement the taste and have a better experience. Like fancy coffee + sweet and sour dessert. Fancy coffee refers to coffee made with milk, syrup, chocolate or cinnamon, such as latte, cappuccino, mocha, etc. Fancy coffee is rich in taste, but because of its sweetness and aroma, it is easy to drink greasy. For this reason, fancy coffee is best for sweet and sour desserts, such as blueberry cheesecake or lemon cream Swiss roll, to add layers of flavor. Or a refreshing dessert, such as Boston pie or custard tart, that accentuates the richness of the coffee itself.


Make up for the lack of flavor and achieve balance

Choose flavors that coffee currently lacks to create a balanced taste experience. For example ice coffee with fruit desserts.  Compared with hot coffee, iced coffee is more refreshing and restrained in taste.  If paired with fruit desserts, it can maximize the flavor of fruit, such as fruit muffins, strawberry melleuca pie, fruit tarts and so on. Iced coffee is a great summer drink, but be careful not to mix it with desserts that contain a lot of whipped cream, which can coagulate and affect the taste.


Pay attention to the intensity of the pairing

Will choosing a dessert with the same richness and texture as coffee be too much of a distraction? No! A strong espresso needs an equally strong dessert to not be overpowered by the coffee. Like single-item coffee and heavy dessert. Mono coffee refers to a single ground coffee bean from the country of origin and is usually drunk without milk or sugar. In other words, it is black coffee. Black coffee is mellow and bitter, such as fresh drip, Americano, Espresso, and so on. It is best paired with heavy flavored desserts, such as heavy cheesecake, dark forest cake, brownie, chocolate mousse, etc. The bitterness of the black coffee refreshes the cloying sweetness of these heavily flavored desserts, and the desserts soften the bitterness and acidity of the black coffee with a lingering aftertaste. Of course, single coffee because of the origin of the different, the flavor has a big difference. For example, South American coffee, which has a mild, smooth flavor, should be paired with lighter spring and summer desserts; African coffee, on the other hand, tends to have a heavier texture, making it ideal for hearty but digestible meals and desserts. On the other hand, the depth of the roast also determines the taste and flavor of the coffee. For example, a cake with a very fine flavor like cheesecake works well with a light roast or coffee with a little acidity. Pies or tarts with lots of fruit go well with moderately roasted coffee. For light cheesecakes, fruit cakes, and nut cakes, or for desserts with added alcohol, consider pairing them with deeply roasted coffee.


Create surprises with different textures

Use different textures of food to create a surprising taste experience. A latte or cappuccino is full of milk foam and soft in your mouth to create an interesting taste experience.

The scientific collocation principle can help us make the right choice when matching coffee and dessert, and also make the coffee flavor more rich!


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