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Home Barista Plus: Brew Like a Pro with the Wirsh 20 Bar Espresso Machine

by Lucia Liang on Mar 21, 2024

Home Barista Plus: Brew Like a Pro with the Wirsh 20 Bar Espresso Machine

Cafe quality in the comfort of your own home

The latest from Wirsh may make you reconsider your future trips to the cafe. Why go out and pay for coffee that you could get in the comfort of your own home? At a potentially higher quality, too! 


The Wirsh 20 Bar Espresso Machine with Plastic Free Portafilter, Steamer, Pressure Gauge, and Touch Screen is exactly like having an expert barista right in your kitchen. But don’t just take our word for it, why not read about some of these stupendous specs and go check this machine out for yourself?


The specs

The specs of this particular Wirsh are impressive and always provide things that will lead to only the best in one's coffee experience. Outfitted with truly cutting-edge technology, this Wirsh in particular is engineered to make good coffee. Keep reading to find out more.

The Wirsh is a 20-bar (barometric pressure) machine. This means the amount of air pressure being applied is 20 bars and so this machine is capable of performing at a high level of quality. With 20 bars of atmospheric pressure, your espresso is getting extracted expertly every time. You can be sure that you are getting your money's worth from your coffee grounds when you pack your portafilter up with finely ground coffee beans of your favorite bean type. 


The plastic-free nature of this machine has a plethora of benefits. Not only is a plastic-free item good for your health by reducing the risks of ingesting microplastics, but it also keeps other microplastics out of the water system and general overall air and atmosphere as well. The plastic-free nature of this machine additionally is safer because there is no risk of the plastic melting or getting overheated, which can affect the espresso’s taste, but more importantly, our overall health and safety. The Wirsh is good for your personal health and the health of the environment, too.


The steamer on our machine is a stunning accouterment to an already amazing machine as a whole. The steamer is what brings this machine to a new level of excellence as one can use the steamer to customize and personalize their coffee experience in any way they like. From lattes to cappuccino to much more, the steamer is what gives this machine a truly remarkable character. Prepare your favorite milk-based beverages and feel free to get creative and experiment at your leisure.


With the Wirsh’s Pressure Gauge controlling one's brewing is a breeze. Use the gauge to expertly and acutely guide your espresso to new levels of excellence. The pressure gauge lets you as the home barista know the quality levels of your espresso as it brews.


The touch screen is a cutting-edge aspect of this machine that gives it a barista-at-home vibe. The touch screen streamlines the brewing process and leads to only smooth and convenient brewing. Just choose what kind of coffee you would like to brew and let the Wirsh do the rest. The Wirsh is also outfitted with temperature control and a fast cup warmer function to even better facilitate only the best espresso for you!


Expertly brewed coffee right at home

The Wirsh 20 Bar Espresso Machine with Plastic Free Portafilter, Steamer, Pressure Gauge, and Touch Screen is an exceptional machine that is going to make your brewing experience not only more fun but more convenient as well. With 20 bars of pressure, a touch screen, and much more, this device is going to help you brew up only the most stunning espresso around. With specs like these, who could turn down the amazing design that the Wirsh sports? Oh, and did we mention it also has a compact design and is made of stainless steel? So not only is it an amazing machine overall due to its specs but the aesthetic value it has is also remarkable. Why not give this incredible machine a try today?


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